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From the Desk of: Merle Gilley

College can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be!

I've invited Dave Smith—author of College Without Student Loans—to share HOW TO ATTEND YOUR IDEAL COLLEGE & MAKE IT AFFORDABLE REGARDLESS OF YOUR INCOME. 
  • HOW TO: Get free money to pay for college, and have the college pay for the education—not you!
  •  HOW TO: Increase the employment by over 200% upon graduation! 
  •  HOW TO: Find the ideal college that's a right fit and match so your student doesn't transfer or drop out! 
  •  LEARN: The best ways to prepare your student for gainful employment and a passionate life! 
  •  LEARN: The keys to eliminating the STRESS and FIGHTS that can occur within the family during the college planning and selection process!
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* College Without Student Loans retails for $14.95, but I bought it for you! 

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Dave and I have teamed up to offer a Free 15 minute phone consultation one-on-one with him. 
"Nathan has been offered an unbelievable total of $686,000 from eight colleges in scholarships and 'Free Money' awards. This is truly AMAZING.... We are very happy!"
—Randy, Gale & Nathan C.
"Dave was brilliant with the strategies he suggested. All told we saved waaaaay beyond the $50,000 they guarantee!"
—Mandy and Dale W.
"I met with Dave for our 'Free Private Consultation'. Not only did he deliver on what was promised... they over-delivered and hit a grand-slam home run with my younger son."
—Theresa and Steven J.
"I am absolutely amazed at what Dave was able to accomplish with our son and our situation! ....there is no one better in this country than Dave."
—Brent and Melissa M. 
"They do it better than anyone else. They did an Amazing Job!"
—Christopher Michael W.
"Dave's process is something that is worth paying close attention to by all."
—Don Betterton, President, Betterton College Planning
"It ended up our twins are attending the same very prestigious private college, and because of Dave's efforts we are only paying a fraction of what it would have cost us. We're so happy we've referred him  to our friends and work associates with full confidence!"
—Kathy and Craig G.
"Dave provided a clear path to college for our family that saved us time, money and extreme frustration. We believed our son was in trouble because he was not a 4.0 and class president. We are so pleased that our son now has multiple college options all based on his talents, interests and passions and will be attending his ideal school—and one that is affordable. We did not know how to get the best results until we thankfully, found Dave."
—Bob Rusch, Founder & President, Always Positive Foundation