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Suzy Smith Financial Workshop Series

College can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be! 

I'm partnering with Dave Smith—author of College Without Student Loans—to share HOW TO ATTEND YOUR IDEAL COLLEGE & MAKE IT AFFORDABLE REGARDLESS OF YOUR INCOME.

Attend and Get Your Choice of Free Book!

Mission One Million

For anyone who wants to get control of their money and create financial independence for themselves and their family.

College Without Student Loans

Get the book and a free 15 minute consultation with author Dave Smith and learn how to save $50,000 or more per student!

$1 will be donated for each person attending this FREE webinar

To the Life Lessons Scholarship Program helping children in need due to a dying parent with little or no life insurance.
Free Special Event Workshop...
"College Without Student Loans"

July 21st, 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Suzy Smith Financial Advisory
123 Any Street
Anytown, NY 01234 
We will discuss...
  •  HOW TO: Get free money to pay for college, and have the college pay for the education—not you!
  •  HOW TO: Increase the employment by over 200% upon graduation! 
  •  HOW TO: Find the ideal college that's a right fit and match so your student doesn't transfer or drop out! 
  •  LEARN: The best ways to prepare your student for gainful employment and a passionate life! 
  •  LEARN: The keys to eliminating the STRESS and FIGHTS that can occur within the family during the college planning and selection process!
Are others coming with you? 
Anything you would like Suzy to know before the workshop?

Presented by Suzy Smith, CLU, LUTCF

Suzy Smith is a successful financial advisor who specializes in quality insurance and financial products to families and businesses throughout New York. 

A native daughter of New York, Suzy founded the Suzy Smith Financial Advisory firm in 1988 and for nearly 25 years has skillfully guided his clients through the fast and slow economic times as well as the myriad of insurance and financial products they produce. 

Clients count of Suzy for her extensive experience with insurance and financial products, as well as her expertise on how to use those products to provide them with maximum benefit and protection. 

Suzy is also expert at helping Veterans, dependents, spouses and surviving spouses understand and benefit from the Veteran Affairs "Aid and Attendance Pension",  a federal assistance program offering monthly support to them. 
123 Any Street
Anytown, NY 01234
Take Main Street, Head East at the light on West 4th to arrive at our office.

You will also learn...
  •  How to protect yourself and loved ones from Nursing Home expenses
  •  What the default Colorado Estate Plan is and why you want to avoid it
  •  Financial strategies to coordinate wealth building with your Estate Planning
  •  How to Minimize Taxes, Manage Market Risk AND Protect Your Legacy 
  •  The best ways to ensure your values and legacy are passed on
  •  Keys to preserving family harmony during Estate Planning conversations
  •  Things to consider if your single, divorced or have a blended family
  •  How to make sure your assets get in the right hands (and stay there!)
  •  How to prepare for incapacitation
 #1: Learn...
"How the Wealth Accelerator eliminates debt quickly and easily."

#2: Learn...
"Who the Wealth Accelerator is a good solution for... and who it isn't."
#3: Learn...
"How to get out of living month-to-month with your paycheck!"

 #4: Learn More About...
"Common Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them."

#5: Learn More About...
"What to Do and How to Recover If You Feel You Don't Feel You Have a Good Retirement Plan."